The Valve and Actuator Manufacturers Cluster of South Africa was formed in June 2011,

under the auspices of the Capital Equipment Export Council.


The cluster currently comprises of 10 members, with another 5 companies possibly joining

over the next few months.


The cluster members have the following aim:


a. Manufacturing of products in South Africa with locally produced castings, forgings and materials.

b. Development of skills by training Artisans

c. Job creation through local procurement, thereby increasing the value chain both upstream and downstream.

d. Transformation within the industry by jointly looking at Enterprise development in a valve orientated business.

e. Interaction between the industry and the State Owned Companies (SOCs) and Municipal Owned Enterprises (MOEs),

to improve standards, specifications and to create ones which are uniform throughout the SOCs and MOEs.

f. Promote exports by improving quality and continuous on-going research and development.