High operating pressures



CL 1 500 Butterfly Valves

for Steam Application


Gunric Valves supplied 3 of the world’s highest pressure 30” valves for a steam application at 117 bar in Saudi Arabia. These valves are designed to operate at over 519° Celcius.

Demanding operating cycles



Butterfly Valve Tested to

500 000 Operating Cycles


To help avoid maintenance at water depths of over 40 m, Gunric Valves manufactured a triple-eccentric butterfly valve to last well over 50 years at a dam

in Aachen, Germany. By opening and closing 4 times a day, this will eventually amount to over 500 000 actuations.

Extreme operating temperatures


1350 mm Metal Seated

Butterfly Valve at 950°C

Gunric Valves supplied a platinum smelter with a valve for operation in a

gas furnace at a temperature of

950° Celcius.

72” Butterfly Valve at -50°C


Gunric Valves supplied a refinery in Kazakhstan with valves with steam

tracing capabilities to help prevent

valves from cracking during plant shutdown in winter.

Related Industrial Valves

CHECK valves 

Sizes from 400 mm and 4 000 mm

Pressures from CL 125 to CL 400

Replaceable seat AND seal


CUSTOM valves 

One-of-a-kind valves made to client specifications for export to Middle East, Africa, Asia and South America.


The Gunric Valves metal seated valve design allows for replaceable seat

AND seal as a kit.


Non-standard face-to-face dimensions are accommodated, as well as dimensions in accordance with ANSI B16.1.0

Gunric Valves has the butterfly valve solution: 


High Pressure

High Temperature

Triple Eccentric

Metal Seated

Stainless Steel

Large Diameter

Industrial butterfly valves for large and small bore pipelines

Industrial butterfly valves including high pressure,

triple eccentric, metal seated, stainless steel and

alloy valves

Butterfly valves designed and manufactured by Gunric Valves cover a wide range of industries and applications. Customised manufacture of butterfly valves is available on request.

Materials are selected based on the specified pressure ratings, operating temperatures

and media. Gunric Valves manufactures high performance butterfly valves using:

Cast iron ● SG iron ● Carbon steel ● Alloys and stainless steel ● Aluminium bronze 

Industrial butterfly valve range includes:

Gunric Valves industrial butterfly valves are ideal for: 

Key advantages of butterfly valves:

• Sizes from 3” to 157” and 80 mm to 4 000 mm

• Operating pressures from PN 2.5 to PN 250 and CL 125 to CL 1 500

• Operating temperatures from cryogenic to +1 000°Celcius

  (both cold and non-cold box designs supplied for cryogenic operation)

• Available configurations include:

  wafer, lugged, double flanged, buttweld or cryogenic

• Stainless steel and alloy butterfly valves 

• High temperature butterfly valves

• High pressure butterfly valves

Only high-grade materials used in butterfly valve construction
Butterfly valve made to client specification

All butterfly valves are manufactured and tested to

internationally recognised standards. 


Gunric Valves supplies a comprehensive range of triple eccentric, metal seated, P.T.F.E. seated, and double eccentric elastomer seated butterfly valves, offering world-class technology for nearly any flow isolation or regulation purpose.

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Gunric Valves’ global manufacturing promise


As a butterfly valves supplier to international customers, Gunric Valves manufactures butterfly valves that meet specific regulations and specifications as prescribed by regional bodies and is in line with international as well as local design and operational standards.

Warranty and guarantee


Gunric Valves considers a series of operating conditions (media and cycles),

and manufactures each valve accordingly for optimal operation. For this

reason, guarantees are unique to each butterfly valve supplied. 

Extended warrantees are available on request.

Valve refurbishment


Gunric Valves refurbishes both its own valves as well as valves

supplied by other manufacturers.

• Gases and liquids:

   Air; Water; Steam; Oil; Chemicals; Various acids; CO2; CO3; CO; SO2; SO3

• Operating temperatures from cryogenic to +1 000°Celcius

• High pressure operation – up to CL 1 500

 Actuation with manual gearboxes, pneumatic / electric / hydraulic actuators

Small, medium and large diameter pipelines

High-cycle operation

Repair and maintenance

Due to Gunric Valves products having a replaceable seat and seal, repairs

are faster – minimising downtime.


Metal seated valves are certified fire safe

This is in accordance with IPI 607 (2005) and ISO 1047 (2010) regulations.


Production flexibility

Gunric Valves supplies butterfly valves according to client specifications, and specialises in customised one-offs.

Gunric Valves is a leading manufacturer and supplier of cast

and fabricated industrial, high performance butterfly valves

in South Africa, and exports to the Middle East, throughout

Africa, Asia, South America, Europe.


Butterfly valve
Butterfly valve