Gunric Valves --Industrial Valve Manufacturer and Exporter 

Gunric Valves, a premium industrial valve supplier, provides customised butterfly and check valves for unique

industrial applications.


Gunric Valves is recognised internationally as a leading manufacturer of butterfly and tilting disk check valves. 

Built for extreme pressure and temperature applications, products from Gunric Valves are ideally suited for the water, oil, process, mining, power generation, petrochemical, gas, sugar and steel industries.

Gunric Valves Product Range 

Butterfly Valves



Sizes from 80 mm to 4 000 mm

Extreme pressure ratings

Made to client specifications


CHECK valves 


Sizes from 400 mm to 4 000 mm

Pressures from CL 125 to CL 400

Replaceable seat AND seal


CUSTOM valves 


One-of-a-kind valves made to client specifications for export to Middle East, Africa, Asia and South America.


Check Valves Custom Valves

Creating precision butterfly valve technology 


Gunric Valves manufactures each product to provide pipeline flow and isolation

control of the highest standards possible. The industrial valves manufacturer relies on

its engineers’ vast practical experience and a specialised valve engineering facility

to render innovative and durable butterfly valve designs.

Loading pipeline flow and isolation control valve supplier

Leading valve exporters to the Middle East, the rest of Africa,

Asia, South America, Europe and Australia.

High operating pressure



30", CL 1 500 Butterfly Valves

for Steam Application


Gunric Valves manufactured 3

high-pressure steam valves, believed

to be the highest pressure rating for valves of this size worldwide. Built for application at 117 bar, these valves operate at over 519° Celsius.

Demanding operating cycles



Butterfly Valve Designed for

500 000 Operating Cycles


To avoid costly maintenance at water depths of over 40 m, Gunric Valves manufactured 3 triple-eccentric, 900mm butterfly valves to last 50 years at a dam in Aachen, Germany. By opening and closing 4 times a day, this will eventually amount to over 500 000 cycles.


Extreme operating temperatures


1350 mm Metal Seated

Butterfly Valve at 950°C

Gunric Valves supplied a platinum smelter with a valve for operation in a gas furnace at a temperature of 950° Celcius.

72” Butterfly Valve


Gunric Valves supplied a refinery in Kazakhstan with numerous valves with steam tracing to help prevent valves from freezing during plant shutdown in winter.

Gunric Valves

Cutting-edge technology, practical expertise and a commitment to product and service excellence enables Gunric Valves to

deliver world-class engineering

products – with worldwide

aftersales service and

technical support.